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ISO Compliance Software 

Create your Activ management system by selecting the modules you need.

They work seamlessly together to give you the power to manage, comply and improve.

Book an online demonstration below to see how Activ can help streamline your processes and maintain your ISO certification with ease.


Available Modules:


Asset Manager

Catalogue your assets and maintain them efficiently with automated scheduling and supporting documentation. 


  • Maintain a comprehensive register of all your assets.

  • Create maintenance schedules and issue work plans for engineers.

  • Provide access to risk assessments, equipment manuals and permit requirements.

  • Track your costs and manage stocks of spare parts.

  • Analyse performance and ensure legal compliance.

Audit Manager

Optimise internal auditing and routine checks. Ensure consistency with easy-to-use forms including auditor guidance and evidence capture features. 

  • Set of ready-made audit templates, or design your own.

  • Flexible audit plan scheduling.

  • Simple, effective audit report workflow.

  • One-click comprehensive PDF audit report.

  • Powerful analysis report.

  • Seamless integration with other Activ modules.

Business Risk Manager

Conduct a high level business risk assessment in a simple, structured way. Record risks, opportunities and associated controls. Assign actions. 


  • Simple workflow form to ensure that you capture the important details of all key stakeholder requirements, identified risks and opportunities consistently.

  • Specify the controls in place to manage each risk or capitalise on each opportunity.

  • Specify your own objective assessment criteria to ensure issues are assessed consistently.

  • Raise Improvement Logs to assign follow-up actions to named individuals.

  • Automatically generate Reports and Graphs to help you analyse and manage business risks.

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Customers & Suppliers Manager

Streamline customer and supplier relationship management with automated feedback and supplier approval processes. 


  • Create a comprehensive database of customers and suppliers.

  • Issue web-based forms to obtain critical information from suppliers.

  • Straightforward workflow for managing supplier approvals.

  • Automatically create reports on customer feedback and supplier performance.

  • Schedule, assign and track follow-up communications. 

File Manager


Solve the familiar problem of enabling users to locate the documents they need, whilst controlling access to sensitive information.


  • Create a secure central location for all documents and records.

  • Set individual permissions to control access.

  • Full audit trail of document access and version changes maintained automatically.

  • Specify document review schedules with reminders.

  • Alerts of new documents that need to be read.

  • Automatic version stamping of documents.

HR Manager


Have a go-to place to expertly manage skills, training records and appraisals.

Maintain all statutory employee records confidentially. 


  • Maintain training records and schedules with automated reminders.

  • Schedule and complete appraisals using bespoke forms.

  • Record absences, monitor attendance.

  • Provide an accessible portal for requesting and approving holidays.

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Improvement Logs

Achieve continuous improvement with accountable management of all problems and improvement opportunities. 


  • Maintain information about customer complaints, corrective actions and improvement opportunities in one place.

  • Systematically define problems and identify root causes.

  • Assign actions, track progress and confirm that solutions have worked.

  • Produce reports for analysis to focus on key risk areas and opportunities.

Incident Log

Systematically record critical details of all incidents. Compile comprehensive investigation reports and track progress of assigned actions. 


  • Compile investigation reports including witness statements and photographs.

  • Create or link to Improvement Logs to assign actions and track progress.

  • Monitor trends, pareto root causes and produce incident frequency reports.

ISO Certification Manager


Build an ISO compliant management system with a set of document and process templates. A simple project management plan ensures audit readiness. 

  • Simple workflow with clear instructions. Arranged chronologically around your key audit dates to ensure audit readiness.

  • Pre-populated document and process templates available for ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 and ISO27001




Maximise efficiency with clearly mapped, consistently implemented processes. Create an all-encompassing and accessible business operating manual.

  • Provide a clear overview of how your business works.

  • Easy-to-navigate pages with links to files, folders and other resources.

  • Provide detail on what tasks need to be done, how, when and by whom.



For large organisations, separate information into teams so users only see information relevant to them.


  • Simplifies information access by filtering content for specific users.

  • Provides greater options for controlling information access.

  • Reduces information security risks.

  • Facilitates easy comparison of performance between teams, sites or departments.

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Why choose Activ


Simple and straightforward workflows are user friendly


Designed by ISO Consultants and optimised for compliance



Short turn-around time from order placement to go-live.

Reduced costs for Management System Implementation

What our customers are saying about Activ

“Activ is much more than just a great certification tool. At Myplas it has become an integral part of how we manage our business and manage rapid improvement across the business.”

Johann Conradie
Managing Director, Myplas

Our Clients

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